Look Up – by Gary Turk – a video on social media and its effects on society.

Cleverly penned, performed and directed by Gary Turk, delivered in an entertaining way whilst still getting the message across.

I grew up in the days of playing outside with my friends, getting home as the sun went down to a nice dinner and entertainment then was watching black and white TV – two channels, the ABC and Channel 8 in Orange NSW.

Fast forward to today and I am sitting by myself in my lounge room with one laptop on, a tablet sitting next to me and my mobile phone close by, all at my beck and call waiting for me to say hello in some form to “connect” with other people – just like in the video but on steroids!

I often think when I am old/er and I am in a nursing home, where there used to be Bingo and a piano that everyone sang along too, there will be an Internet café where we all plug ourselves into the internet and forget to talk to the person next to us or better still have wi-fi in our rooms so we never have to leave..

I thought this ideal at first BUT on reflection as in the video it doesn’t really work, we need to get out and connect personally with people and nature no matter our situation in life.

I am fortunate to have a balance (well teetering on imbalance perhaps!) of both worlds.  I grew up without technology as we know it and can entertain myself without such features BUT I choose to have them.  I worry for today’s children that they only know this and will forget to connect properly with society and nature.

Maybe our forebears thought that about TV!  Interesting subject, any thoughts appreciated and if I can tear myself away from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and my other gadgetry I will look forward to reading your thoughts.

For those of you who cannot hear the lyrics very well over the music, I have found a link below that has the lyrics for you to read.


Now about that hashtag concept?….. #Lookup #Gary Turk #Ifeelsillydoing this #amidoingittherightway

Blogging 101 Day 19 Assignment: Try a new posting style

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  1. Great video, wish I could have heard his words better over the music, I have a bit of a hearing problem, but I get the gist of it. It is very true of our society.


  2. A great choice of a video. I like it that you gave the assignment a thought!


    • Thanks Mara, I am funny with videos. I think if you have to watch one for a few minutes it has to be highly entertaining, funny and/or informative and this video came just at the right time as I had been thinking about the topic for a while. Thanks for dropping by.


  3. Hi, I’m doing the blogging101 too and saw your comment. I really like your theme and you did great with the video embedding. Greetings from Egypt!


  4. I loved your post and the video. It was fabulous and provided such a great message. In fact, I liked it so much that I am going to create an entire unit out of it for my Creative Writing class. I’ll have my students watch this and then write a poem or create a story based on an idea or message that is important to them. They will then add video or a photo slide show to accompany their writing. Thanks!!


    • Good on you what a great idea! It is a great message and I could have done more with it but didnt, so glad you liked it and will put it to good use and take it much further.


      • If it goes well, I’ll let you know! I’m dealing with 13-14 year old students so you never know… Not to mention they all have a massive case of Spring Fever!!!


      • Its a great video which will give them inspiration, just what they need and should hold their interest. Cant wait to hear how you go.


    • We just started this project in class and my students are so excited!! I’ll let you know how it goes. They are covering topics such as gay marriage, cyber bullying, random acts of kindness, motivation, bullying, beauty in art, etc. They are so excited for this opportunity to express themselves.


      • Wow such wonderful diverse topics, good on you and good on the kids for being excited about them. Restores my faith in the next generation! Keep me posted, cant wait to hear on all topics!


  5. This is an AWESOME post!!!


    • Thanks EE, I did post it the other day but really didn’t put any substance into it or my own thoughts, so thought it needed some rework. Appreciate your feedback as always 🙂


      • My pleasure 🙂 Unfortunately, the weekend doesn’t leave me much time for the internet, so I am always catching up on reading. This was such a true message! Very sad and I have said the words before myself that we offered a “false sense of community”. But then again, I have formed a few lasting friendships online that I will never lose.. those are rare, but worth the people you bump into along the way.


      • I agree the online community can be very supportive and is a community. Its all in the balance I feel. Online friends, community and support should not be underrated but we also need that of people in our non virtual world as well.
        BTW re hashtags not sure if you can use them but thought Id give it a shot anyway! It was mentioned in the post this morning but I have no idea what I am doing 🙂


      • Lol me neither (re hashtags)
        Yes, there has to be balance. I am thankful that I have it, but I remember a time in my life where there was no support on line or in real life.. internet would have been great at that time. I am happy that I got through it either way 🙂


  6. Amusing. I just saw this video today and wrote a post for it that I have scheduled to publish in the morning (trying out yet another feature ;)) I too grew up in the time of being unplugged. We played outside every single day and much preferred it to watching TV. We made up our own games; Record Player (spinning round and round in circles while looking at the ground), and Fort were among the favorites. Oh, the “we” includes my brother, not the mouse in my pocket. Anyway, great post and loved your insights.


  7. Well re-written 🙂 Thanks for the lyrics. I thinkthat we need a balance between the two. I don’t watch tv (haven’t for 10 years, I read, computer and now blog, a little bit of facebook to keep up with distant family and friends whom I would not see otherwise. It all comes down to people, and what they choose to do with their time. yes, it is important to “be in the real world”, but if you are a lonely, or alone, the internet can be a lifeline. You can say things you wouldn’t to “real people” – and that can be good and bad. Choice, just about everyhting in life comes down to that, What is your choice? If you’re lucky you can do both, virtual and reality, without compartmentalising. I must admit though, that I don’t like mobile phones, I only ever use mine if I need to text my children, I don’t like taking calls on them (only from my family). They are just too intrusive. 🙂


    • I just wrote a big blurb and then it disappeared. In a nutshell you are right Claudette its a great place to be anonymous and say things you want without fear, and if you are alone other people are here to communicate with you. Where else could you talk to someone in Tasmania, Brussels, Egypt, Turkey or Alaska in one day from home. Its a wonderful tool.


  8. He says something like: You are no good dad, if you can’t entertain your child.
    My experience is: In a progressed age, my son didn’t see me as a good dad, because I tried to shut him off from these social media (for example to live in a beautiful country-house without tv). They are much more attractive for young people than any traditional activities. It is quite hopeless for parents to educate their children against this trend.


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