Blogging 101 Day 24 Assignment: Publish a Round-up

A what??!! What’s a round-up. I do come from the country and know what a round-up is there but no I don’t think that’s right! I guess that’s why I’m here, I haven’t got a clue what this is or didn’t until now. I have to write a post that links to three other blogs.

Firstly on checking I follow 53 other blogs, a lot of whom (?which) I briefly catch sight of in the reader, but there are a few that I follow religiously and cant wait for a post. These blogs I wait expectantly like turning a page in a book. I will sometimes respond with a like or a comment. This is how you know I’m watching and reading and care.

Because you are so special I have chickened out in writing about just three of you. Its like having to choose who your favourite child is!. I have opted instead to round-up three other blogs that revolve around photography and I have found these three sites of most value in my quest for the “betterment of my photography”.

The first is a blog I follow called Digital Photo School.  Any answer you need for any photographic question you have ever had is here on this blog.  My question at the present time is Full-frame vs crop-frame and of course without fail, they have that covered with an interesting post.

Secondly another blog I follow is Karl Taylor Photography.  He has some free videos on his site that really aid  you in stepping up your photography.  He explains things in plain English and gives you guides in all aspects of photography that will give you confidence to do more.  I can also highly recommend his videos which do come at a cost but well worth the expenditure.  If you purchase from his site it unlocks more videos.  Very worthwhile.   I highly recommend visiting his pages.

Thirdly, Andrew Gibson’s blog I have found quite valuable and informative as well for any level of photographer.  His landscapes are breathtaking and inspiring.  He also sells e-books on different subjects:  Mastering Lightroom, Mastering Photography:  A Beginners guide, Understanding Lenses and many more.  You can pay less by bundling different packages.  These books are invaluable and quite reasonably priced.  I also wrote to Andrew at one stage about a wide angle lens I wanted to buy and he responded very quickly and was most helpful. For this I was very grateful and appreciated the time he took to write back to me.

I do hope you get the chance to have a look at the above blogs.  You wont be disappointed.  They each have helped and moulded me in some profound way with my photography and the least I can do is to give credit to them in this way.

I would be interested to hear how you find their blogs and if they have helped you as well.  Good luck and happy snapping!


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  1. Thanks for a great round up. I can’t wait to check theses out, especially the ones that explain things in plain English!!


  2. Will check out those blogs for sure! Thank you for the ’round up’ 🙂

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  3. these look interesting, I’m going to have a wander through the first one and see if I can improve my photography, without having to buy another camera. 🙂


    • Thanks for looking. I must confess my first paragraph was inspired by yours. I hope I didn’t copy too much…


      • Nah, and I wouldn’t mind if you did, words are words, it’s how each individual puts them together that makes the difference. Your start didn’t read the same as mine, and so it was unique to you.
        P.S. nice to know that I can inspire someone – feeling a bit glowy about that. I’m just about to go an try to amke that cocktail too, so will probably glow more after that. 🙂


      • Glow will be an understatement. hope its not too sweet for you. If it is put in a bit of lime or lemon juice. Let me know how it goes… wish I had one right now as well…..yum.


      • I put in too much vodka (used my daughters raspberry vodka), so just remade with lemon vodka and much better. I used to just drink midori straight once upon a time, not much of a “mixer” person. Loving the colour of this though. 🙂


      • hmm raspberry vodka – maybe too many tastes… But I question can you have too much vodka?? I find Midori too sweet and the vodka and juice knocks it back a wee bit and adds some rocket fuel.


      • well, maybe I meant to say – too much rocket fuel … I like mine sweet, which is why I drink Liqueurs :0 each to their own, but I will be experimenting with this, so keep you posted.


      • lol… I love sweet to and mostly drink Galliano but with diet coke. Yes keep me posted. May take a few trial runs 🙂


      • it’s a hard job ….. {chuckle}


  4. Some of those abstract photos on the first blog you mentioned are mind-blowing


  5. Ooh! I’m so excited you posted photography blogs, being in the learning stages that I am. I can’t wait to check these out when I have more time (in other words, when it isn’t the middle of the night. Why am I not asleep right now?)


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