Writing 101: Unlock your mind

I just want to preface this post by saying my blog is normally about my photography and I signed up for writing 101 to help with my story and descriptions based on my photos.  Below has nothing to do with photography whatsoever, just a scrambled morning mind trying to elucidate thoughts on paper.  This may happen periodically over the next month when assignments come to hand… just be WARNED 🙂

Writing 101 Day One: Unlock your Mind , dia uno, jour un, dag ett, einmal….. stop stalling…..


The first thing I imagined when I read this was:

and then I remembered the sound of the robot from “Lost in Space” warning danger, danger Will Robinson, and then finally I could hear the sounds of bats flying out uncluttering my mind hopefully.

So these are the rambling thoughts of mine without thinking of what I’m going to write about.  Scary isn’t it?  I am lucky in that I can type pretty quickly so any thoughts I have are down on virtual paper without having to concentrate on engineering my fingers to do anything… its totally a brain to keyboard kind of thing that should help me….in theory.

Funny I usually can babble away on this thing without much thought but when faced with an assignment that asks just that, I am stumbling.  I could go back and think about some ideas I’ve had and make it sound somewhat coherent and intelligible but that would be cheating wouldn’t it??

I might go back to Lost in Space – does anyone remember that show.  Is there anyone out there roughly my age that would have experienced the wonderful lack of visual effects that we see today, dodgy stage props and really unconvincing alien life forms.  But you know what we loved that show and tuned in every episode.  I know they revamped it into a movie a few years back and I watched that with interest but imagine now having that show on TV, like the original, same corny lines and actors but with the new fandangled visual effects we have today.  Would it be better, probably to the newer generation but for us oldies I think maybe not…

How I got onto Lost in Space I have no idea, no literally accolades here I have to say just a blurb on sci-fi in the 60s on TV.  Wow the mind is a really strange and ?wonderful place.  I thought I would come up with some great knowledge and impart my expert writing skills with big words and profound thoughts…. no not a one!!!

What next will I think of I ponder…. time for the creaking vault to close and the sirens in my head to go back to sleep blissfully until the next episode… stay tuned!


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  1. Nice job…funny, clever and well written. I love the imagery. 🙂


  2. LOVED the video! And I LOVED Lost In Space–my favorite movie when I was a little kid. I’d shush anyone who dared speak while I was watching it. 😀 It’s probably why I enjoy the Dr. Who campiness. Just let your brain flow out these amusing stories and we’ll be coming for them, as well as your pictures! 🙂


    • Oh Nance you are so nice and thanks for your encouragement with my ramblings. I love Dr Who as well and used to be petrified by the Dialects! I used to go home after school and they would be on. Oh the memories. Cheers


  3. You done good! I don’t think Lost in Space was showing where I grew up, but I think I missed out on a Good Thing – we had Star Trek, though, same cheesy effects, and I can’t answer for the sensibilities of the adults who watched it, but it was Ace!!


  4. Loved this Karen. 🙂 Lost is space, would have watched it if we had a tv at that time. Can remember so bits I have seen later in life. Always weird to look back at show that we thought were great, but then we notice the age/ the cheesiness.


    • Thanks Claudette. No TV I think in horror but you know, you would have spent more time outdoors with other kids instead of your face glued to the set but I don’t think any of us watched a lot of TV in those days. We had only two stations and one of those was the ABC so that doesn’t count 🙂


      • yep, ABC and our local commercial station. Don’t really remember much TV at all till my teen age years. My Dad always watched in the evening. i still don’t have a tv that is connected to an aerial, haven’t for the last 9 years, and I really don’t miss it at all. Watch DVDs when I want to see something, that way I don’t have to listen to the stupid ads.


  5. It was really hard for me to do this, too so I feel your pain on this. I really liked what you write though and I feel like in this one post I’ve gotten to know you better. It helps that i have a monkey brain that wanders so I was able to follow your train of thought easily. 0_o

    Hm. That isn’t the best of compliments is it. : )

    Looking forward to your next post. I loved this from you.


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