Monochrome Madness Week 24

Wow another week goes by in a flash.  Its now Week 24.

This weeks entry into Leanne Cole & Laura Macky’s Monochrome Madness happens to coincide with my 100th post. I feel like cracking the champagne!  All cards and flowers welcome.

To celebrate in a somewhat low key fashion I thought I’d do this a little different.

This week I have decided to put in both the B&W photo as well as the colour so you can see for yourselves which is better and why.  Not all photos look better in black and white (and vice versa) and sometimes you can experiment with each photo to see but also there are times when, as you take the photo, you have black and white in mind and know it will look better. I have also tackled doing a poll for the very first time so please if you have time could you take it for a test run!

This black and white photo was taken in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney.  Anyone who follows my blog will know that I have taken quite a few pictures here and totally love its different aspects.  Whilst mainly taking the architecture, this time when walking past a café inside the building I was struck by the strong black and white tiles and almost French appeal of this café.  With the two lights shining down I felt it might be a good black and white photo for this weeks challenge.

Personally I think the colour one has too many distractions and the black and white one has a bit more appeal.  Everything stands out more.

What do you think?

To have a look at more photos for this weeks challenge go to Leanne Coles blog.

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  1. I like the black and white. I think it’s because it draws the lights and the tiles together better than the colour


  2. It is easier to see the details in the black and white photo. I like your poll…great way to make your blog interactive! 🙂


  3. Looks like a lovely place, the BW is more impressive in my eye. Great topic!


  4. I prefer the B&W too. I think you’re right about the colour picture just seeming to be way too busy.


  5. Congratulation to your 100 post. Well done. I like the monochrome better too. However I think if the restaurant would be full with people, the colour would show more atmosphere with the yellowish warm tone and would be probably better. In the colour one my eye is drawn towards the side along the tables, in the b/w towards the flowers and vitrine and then down to the floor. It depends very much what you like to say with the photo.


    • Interesting Erwin, yes that’s a good thought. If the café was full yes colour would make it better and help outline individuals who otherwise are lost in B&W.

      And also I like your perspective on where your eye goes depending on which version you are looking at. Keen eye 🙂

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  6. Completely depends on what you want to highlight doesn’t it! The colour one makes you want to go there, it’s so cosy, but the b&w is all about the angles and shapes, and even the lights from a different perspective – and I am a sucker for b&w! It’s artistic, because it goes beyond what we see in the everyday. And congrats on reaching 100 🙂 !


  7. Black and White for me. The colour is just to yellow, and everything blurs in together when I look at that. Love the comparision though, really shows what B&w can do for some photos.
    Congratulations on your 100th, may there be many more.


  8. I like both but think the mono is so dramatic. It makes you look at the lines and shapes of everything!!


  9. It is a hard pick! Finally, I decided on color one. It adds warmth to the picture and inviting me to have a coffee there. 🙂


  10. Congratulations on your 100th post! (I just posted mine today) We started blogging around the same time, and it’s always a pleasure to visit here. I love both the colour and the black and white shots, but I voted for the Monochrome. Such a hard choice though. Sending lots of (virtual) balloons and cake, and a big happy face 😀


    • aww thank you that’s so nice and congrats on your 100th blog and as Ellen DeGeneres says “I’m sending it right back at you”.

      I didn’t think it would be such a hard choice so it was interesting to get everyone’s feedback. I think when I do post in B&W for the challenge I might regularly put in the colour one to show how it changes things. I appreciate all your support over the last few months and I wish you well with your blog also which I always find interesting.

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  11. Karen, I love your idea of posting both the monochrome and color versions of your photos. This was such an interesting study in light and contrast and leading lines between the two. In the b&w, I was drawn to the tables on the left, probably because of the light shining on each, and the person in the corner; in the color, however, my eye hard a hard time finding a focal point. In the end, after study, it seemed to follow the display cabinet and then on to the wine cupboard. I totally missed the flowers simply because there is so much going on in that particular part of the photo. So, I would agree with the consensus that my favorite photographically is the black and white; that being said, the color photo is the one that would draw me into the shop to sit and enjoy its offerings 🙂

    Well done on your 100th! Keep ’em coming, please!!


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