One Four Challenge Week 1

Well this is my first foray into Robyn’s wonderful challenge asking us to select one of our photos and process it four different ways and show our results each week.

My problem is I can only think of three ways without tearing my hair out, but I guess therein lies the challenge and hopefully I will get ideas and learn something from this experience, at least I will have fun trying.

I couldn’t find anything new to start off this challenge so dug into my archives, thinking a flower might be an easier pathway  (please tell me what it is if you know!!) that I snapped at the Singapore “Gardens by the Bay”. I really like this flower. Unfortunately its a .jpg and my skills at the time were not as they are now and a bit blurry on closer inspection BUT here we go, no excuses.

From the original photo I post processed this in Lightroom 5.  Firstly I pushed the exposure up a tad whilst also pushing up contrast.  I pushed shadows and blacks down a bit to darken the background for less distraction.

original image

original image

As always in my photos I boost clarity up a bit then vibrancy and saturation just a tad trying to remember that what it looks like on my screen may be different to the outcome in printing or on someone else’s computer screen.  The colour can vary quite a bit.

After this I always push up luminance to get rid of noise or speckles in the photo and adjust sharpness just a bit because of that.

One Four challenge Week 1

One Four challenge Week 1

So that is Week 1 of the One Four Challenge.

Please go to Robyn’s blog to find other One Four challenges or put that in your tag line to search for other entries.





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  1. Totally love it and I knew I would 😀 What a beautiful flower – gorgeous curvy petals!
    After last month, we all got to the third and wondered about the fourth and we all did it – so will you 😃😃

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  2. Beautiful flower! I’m already learning from your post!

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  3. This is a gorgeous flower. Those petals and the detailed center, yum. I will look forward to seeing your edits each week, for sure! Do you mind telling me where the luminescence toggle is in Lightroom? I haven’t stumbled on it yet, a newbie to LR. Love the snow flurries too by the way, I want to play with them as I admire your work 🙂

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    • Hi Carrie, yes it is an unusual flower, not sure what sort but it has some character. In Lightroom luminance is down the right hand side column under detail one you have selected the Develop tab. It takes the noise/speckles out but in doing so it loses some sharpness so you have to balance it by sharpening a little.
      The snow flurries can be turned on in settings. Since it is quite hot here they make me feel cooler. Glad you like them, Thanks for your comments 🙂


      • Thank you for the details! I found it, wayyy down the line. Thank you. I will have to play with this, I haven’t ventured that far down the line yet 🙂
        Thanks for the tips on the snow flurries too, it is wet and cool here, but the colors are so rich and thick with winter’s arrival. I love snow, it doesn’t snow here, so when I feel like I need to see some, I will turn on my flurries!

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      • Your welcome Carrie.

        Where I live it doesn’t snow either and of course its summer here now but I too love the snow 😀

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  4. I really like this flower. Week one looks great 🙂

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  5. So happy you joinned us, I always look forward to your Monochrome Madness entries. Last month I picked a flower too, that is the easiest choice. Your post-processing is pure perfection, you did everything right. Looking forward where it will lead you next.

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  6. Great job and welcome to the challenge 🙂

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  7. Lovely flower and interesting petals. I like what you’ve done and am looking forward to seeing your future interpretations. Your work is always beautiful.

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  8. Although the edges of the petals look blurry, the center of the flower looks quite sharp. In your editing you have done the subject justice. It will be interesting where you go from here.

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    • Thanks Ben, it wasn’t my best shot, not having a macro and not utilising my aperture setting for better sharpness but hope it will be okay. Four changes is a bit daunting therein lies the challenge I suppose 😀


  9. Love the increase in saturation and how that brings out the colours. This too is my first month of One Four and already I’m beginning to think OMG what will I do in weeks 3 and 4! But as you say, therein lies the challenge. Looking forward to your week 2.


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