After|Before Friday Week 35 – One Focus Photo

I have joined the AB Friday forum this week, being the first week of the month which focuses on one photo and we all give it the magic once over and our own interpretation.  This month’s photo was taken by Manal Ali.   Thanks Manal for putting your photo in for the hoards to devour.

I must say I wasn’t sure what way to go with the photo, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to focus on.  Firstly I was drawn down the tree lined street to the building centre stage at the back but then my right  eye kept turning to the “Sale” sign at the cycle shop.  Almost instantly that’s where I felt I needed to be but struggled as it wasn’t technically the “right” thing to do.  That probably wasn’t where I was supposed to be but being a girl, any SALE sign just zings and screams at you to look so I did, how could I not.

Here is the original photo by Manal Ali.

Manal Ali photo

I don’t feel my interpretation gives Manal’s photo justice because it was a lovely street scene but I am sure a lot of other people will do so.  I just wanted to give a more humerous “girls eye view” as it would be if we girls were walking down the street.

So its up for feedback, good or bad.

karen gosper one photo focus February

Wearing Girl Goggles

I did so much twiddling I couldn’t keep with my changes so will just go with the major changes.

Firstly I wanted to make the tower stronger as it was lost in the fog so used the adjustment brush in Lightroom and pushed the exposure back down a bit.

I cropped slightly and adjusted the photo slightly to the left to straighten the light pole.

Secondly I used the adjustment button again (my favourite tool at present), to highlight the cycle shop and the flags out the front and also the tall building above with its great lines.

I tried black and white but decided to bring back the colour and set one of the presets in Lightroom which was “yesteryear”.  It gave it a yellowish old world tinge, some warmth and brought up my sale shop brilliantly.

Lastly I went back into Photoshop and used the blur filter on Iris and centred it around the cycle shop so the rest blurred slightly to really bring your eye into it.

Its been an interesting exercise I have to say.  I was like a kid in a candy shop.  I wondered whether I went too far and tried a few different things.  I also tried cropping and B&W as I mentioned but I was most happy with this one.

I cant wait to see everyone else’s interpretation.  As I said I went for a more playful photo using a girls eye view of the street.

To view other photographer’s interpretations of this photo by Manal Ali please go to the lovely Stacy Fischer’s post for AB Friday this week here. The link will be available on Friday morning Washington DC time.  Also have a lot at Stacy’s blog at Visual Venturing.  Its worth a very good look.  Stacy has a wonderful eye for urban shots and also features on Monochromia every Friday.




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  1. Yes, you have used your skills well, the part of the photo you focussed on draws me in with it’s warmth and light. I imagine a cold wet, winter day – and lo and place of warmth to shelter in + a SALE 🙂

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  2. Hi Kaz 🙂 I’m joining in again too for this month.
    I love the way you have gone with this – giving it a humorous edge. Very funny and perhaps true? 😛
    I also like what you said about there being a few ways to go with this edit. Fun!!

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  3. I like how you changed the meaning of the photo with your edits–developing a backstory with each click of the mouse. Great work!


  4. I like the warm tone flowing through the image, and with the idea of girls walking down the street, I like the fact my eye is drawn to the brightness of the shop in the bottom right corner of the image.


  5. Kaz, I just laughed out loud at the wonderful story you came up with to help shape the direction you wanted to take with the image! You definitely achieved your goal 🙂 And the golden highlights adds to the “warmth” of the story. Makes me want to go shopping 😉 Thanks so much for participating and for ALL the shoutouts you bestowed on me. Your support means a great deal.

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  6. Girl Goggles LOL Totally get that, tho on a cold wet day I tend to look for an inviting cafe to sit and drink hot chocolate in rather than a Sale, but yes it does look inviting. I like how you had a story woven into your creative experiementations too 🙂

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  7. Hi Kazg, I love the warm tone and that you have created focus point.

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  8. I echo everyone else’s comments that your commentary was well worth the read! I enjoyed seeing the final result too and thought it turned out good, especially the yellow warmth.


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  9. Love your take on this one… girl goggles! Great how you have centred the focus on the shop and really nice warm tones throughout. 🙂

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  10. When you visit so late, it’s hard to say something new. Lovely story that steers us in a direction of your edit.

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