Fingal Head, Cinque Terre | Careful

This week’s challenge is about being careful.  It was a hard one to think about really and what I came up with was this.

Late last year I was taking photos of what they call Australia’s giant causeway. It is at Fingal Head in New South Wales.  To get the best view meant that I had to go right out to the edge of the cliff to get the photo I wanted.  I hate heights and as I get older I am not as confident scrambling around on rocks or near high vertical drops.  Luckily I had someone with me that enable me to do this.  He was very careful in holding me and giving me confidence to get the shot I wanted.  We were very careful and had to be sure footed.

This also made me think of another time again walking along a precipice (why does this happen to someone that hates heights!!). It was on one of the Cinque Terre trails in Italy, it had been raining and they had closed the trails due to it being dangerous (does anyone hear alarm bells?). Of course we were only there for a few days and thought dangerous, how silly is that, and decided the blocked trail wasn’t really blocked very much, we just went around the barrier and did the hike, a hike I might mention was only supposed to be short but we picked one of the longest ones, it took a couple of hours of punishing walking up hills and along very narrow trails (on a normal day these trails would be packed with people going both ways with only footing for one person with no room to move!), what with one sneeze or dizzy spell and over you go plummeting to a gory death on the rocks below. But totally worth it!

Of course the views were worth it in the end after we survived. Years later that area had some horrific floods with mountains of water rushing over the trail and through the towns devastating the Cinque Terre. How lucky we were not to be there then, deciding to go through the barriers to walk the trails. One should always be careful and heed the warnings!

For more Careful photos please go to the Daily Post challenge.

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  1. Fingal Head like I’e never seen it – gorgeous photos. the black and white shot is stunning – so glad someone was holding you carefully!

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  2. Nice photos! I remember you told me about Giant’s Causeway when I posted a photo of the basalt columns in Scotland. They really are amazing. I’d love to see New South Wales some day 😊.

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  3. I see it is called Giant Causeway.


  4. I agree that B & W -with the looming clouds- is awesomely dramatic. Great photo Karen.

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  5. Wow…these are very special photos. What an experience. The tree photo is an absolute killer! Love it

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  6. You got some wonderful photos, but glad you survived!


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  7. Wow there were some amazing view for sure. – I’m afraid of heights now though and just don’t think I would make the trek. I’ll just enjoy them through your wonderful photos.

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  8. An ideal post for the weekly challenge! That trail does look treacherous. I guess you were lucky! I don’t know how people manage when there are hordes of tourists……


  9. Will have to visit Fingal Head now that I am in NSW. Beautiful images of both Fingal Head and Cinque Terre. I too am afraid of heights but push myself to go to the edge to get a good photo…with care.

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  10. Yikes! The Cinque Terre track looks soooo narrow!

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  11. They’re all terrific images Kaz – I find myself strangely drawn to the whitish tree branch across the water. I’ve also been to Cinque Terre years ago now and I was terrified even in the car!

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  12. Wow, great photos, glad you decided to push your comfort zone a bit!


  13. Oh, my, yes, “careful” is written all over these gorgeous images, Kaz! I experience vertigo just looking at some of them, and that trail is pure crazy!! Thanks so much for sharing them as they are views I know I would never get to see. Superb 👍🏻😃


  14. Wow! Very happy you were careful! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!


  15. wonderful views Kaz!! I hear you about vertigo!!


  16. Great interpretation of the prompt. I didn’t realise there was this rock formation here in Aus. I visited the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland last year. Such an amazing sight but difficult uneven surface to walk over.


  17. Thank you for this gorgeous breath of fresh air. Love your photos.

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