Year in Review | Photos of 2015

2015 has been an exciting year, one of transition, with my job ending after 8 1/2 years as my boss retired and a new relationship flourishing.

Mid year I met Leanne Cole for a few days on the Great Ocean Road, which sadly as I type this has bushfires devastating the countryside and lives lost.  We had a great time in the cold taking pictures up hill and down dale.  Leanne was a great companion for those few days and hopefully we can meet up again and discover some new areas.  During the year also I managed to catch up with another couple of bloggers, namely Suzanne Jones from It Goes On and Robyn Gosby from Captivate Me.  Lovely ladies who I have clicked with over the internet and just as wonderful in person as online.  I hope also that we can organise a trip between us all in the not too distant future.

My man and his ute and I went on a road trip to Gulgong on a couple of occasions to where his farm is, the latest one in November.  We then flew down to Tasmania for two weeks.  Although it was November it was still quite cold in places but nevertheless we discovered some wonderful countryside and a lot of photos were taken.  I must thank him for his patience and scouting abilities to find good spots to take pictures and for carrying my heavy camera bag and tripod on a lot of occasions, being such a gentleman 🙂

Christmas was spent in Orange NSW, where I originally came from.  Unfortunately it wasn’t as long as I would have liked but we enjoyed our time there immensely.

This next year, who knows, hopefully will find us in a new location as I am organising to sell my home and we will make a new home together somewhere up here in the Northern Rivers of NSW.  That will be the start of a new adventure for the both of us.

I wish all of you a wonderful New Year in 2016 with lots of  love, laughter, happiness and health.

I have left a gallery of my favourite photos over 2015.  May there be many more to come in 2016.
















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  1. It was interesting looking back at the photos you took over the last year. All the places’s we went and now memories. xx.

    Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2015 04:59:20 +0000 To:

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  2. It must have been a beautiful year, as it’s filled with beautiful photos. I greatly admire your work!

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  3. I wish you a wonderful 2016, with lots of great adventures, lovely memories and beautiful images.

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  4. What a wonderful showcase of photographs. Best wishes for 2016!

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  5. Ahhh you sure find the beauty in a given moment. Always a pleasure to see your work and all together like this is a real treat. Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to in this year to come, looking forward to seeing what you see in the coming year. Thank you for sharing! Happy New Year.

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  6. You’ve had wonderful images all year long. All the best for 2016! Cheers! 🙂

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  7. What a great thing to do Karen, I was thinking about doing it, but then never quite got there. lol.
    You have had a great year and I’m so happy to have been part of it. All the best for 2016.

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    • Thanks Leanne, last year someone did it and I thought hmm thats not bad to do a recap, mostly for yourself more than anyone else so you can see where you were and how far you have come. Im glad you were part of it too. Wishing you lots of photography, health and happiness for 2016 (you sort out the order!! 🙂 ) xx

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  8. What a finish, Kaz! It’s a treasure to look at your “Best of” album. Good to have you and your photography in my reader in this space. All the best for 2016. See you there. Smiles. Reinhold

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    • haha thanks so much Reinhold. Thanks for your compliments and dialogue in 2015. Lets do it all again in 2016 and I look forward to more of your fantastic photography Happy New Year, see you then 🙂 Karen


  9. What a beautiful reminder of a wonderful year of photos. All best wishes for 2016 and I very much look forward to seeing and reading more.
    Alison x

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  10. All your photos are so beautiful, I don’t know how you managed to winnow it down to those few, I’d just pick them all 🙂 Looks like you have lots of wonderful new things to look forward to in 2016 and I wish you all the absolute best.

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  11. What a great way to look back on the year. Loved your favourite pictures, especially the lighthouses, since I’ve just stayed in one. Happy snapping in 2016.

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    • Thanks so much. I loved the lighthouse too on a stormy day. . Isnt it fun to stay there. We stayed in one a few weeks ago, such a great feeling. Happy Snapping back to you in 2016. 🙂


  12. A very happy new year to you and looking forward to seeing more lovely shots like these.

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  13. beautiful work Kaz and happy New Year!! I see lots of monochrome!! which I love!! But all gorgeous!

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  14. Kaz, what an absolute delight to look back over your favorites gallery from 2015! I remember so many, but I also saw ones I had missed. You have such a remarkable eye for photography! Every image is stunning and made me pause and, truly, just say “wow.”

    As for the events of 2015 and your plans for 2016, it sounds like life is treating you well. I’m so happy for you, especially as you embark on your newest adventure in a new place!

    Happy, happy new year with wishes for continued fun, wonderful photographic moments, and plenty more fabulous meet-ups!

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    • Wow Stacy thanks so much, i am not worthy!! You have put a skip in my step thats for sure so I appreciate your lovely comments highly. Thanks for New Year wishes, I look forward to new adventures this year thats for sure, but I don’t think I have lifted my camera out of the bag at all in 2016. Its not like I have been doing a lot but my mind is elsewhere. I wish you a wonderful year of photography and cannot wait to see what you discover this year and will travel with you and your camera to places I have yet to see 🙂 x


      • Oh, you sell yourself short, my friend! But glad I added that “skip” 😃

        I, too, have not picked up my camera – last time my November NYC trip! I hope I remember all the new settings I decided to program in then. Yikes! Like you, my mind is elsewhere. Looking to move into a smaller place now that our last is at university, so out scoping new neighborhoods and visiting possible places. Also having to “declutter” current house and get it market ready. That is/will be quite a process! But I think you know all about that, seeing as you’ve been doing the same! New year, lots of wonderful changes for us both.

        Looking forward to more inspirational photos of NSW and beyond no matter when they come!

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      • Yes Stacy lucky my place isn’t too big so its not so daunting. We hired a storage shed near where we hoped to be so we could declutter but still have enough things in the house to sell. Open house tomorrow for buyers to look at and we got approval today for our macadamia farm in the Byron Hinterland with a beautiful Queenslander house!! So excited. You are welcome any time. Good luck with yours 🙂


      • A storage shed will be in our future too, though we don’t yet have a place to move into. We will probably rent for a few years and, while we have found a building we like, we have to wait for a vacancy in the specific units with the layout we like.

        As for you, a macadamia farm!?? So awesome. I truly am excited for you!! Best of luck with the open house. Nerve wracking to say the least. Fingers crossed!! And thanks for the open door 💕

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  15. Some truly beautiful images here Kaz, I always

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  16. – oops, fat fingers! I wanted to say that I always love your landscapes/seascapes but one of my real favourites here is the beautiful shot of the stables at Vaucluse, just gorgeous. I really hope this new year brings you wonderful adventures and I shall as always look forward to seeing your images and sharing your a little glimpse of your world.

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    • Thanks so much Jane. Yes the stables were fantastic just set up ready to go, only one problem… the only day I didnt take my good camera but lucky enough that I had my small purse camera, but still…… 🙂 Yes so far a great year, with a new house coming up on a nut farm and at present trying to sell mine. Fingers crossed, so far so good. Shame it isn’t France but it is a beautiful part of our country so I am very grateful 🙂

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